Get your stuff done
by taking care
of a virtual cat.

A Todo-list to track your tasks while a cat keeps you accountable.

Complete tasks,
earn crystals!

Catadoo works like any other todo list out there. You add tasks and complete them. But here's the catch! When you complete tasks, you'll receive crystals that you can spend.

Buy food,
feed Cat!

Crystals can be used to buy things at the shop. With enough crystals, you can buy food for your Cat. If you forget to take care of your cat, it'll eventually die. So, feed the Cat at any costs!

It lives in your browsers New tab.

A Gamified Todolist

Regular todolists are boring, Catadoo always keeps you engaged by turning the whole process of completing your task into a game.

Quiet Mode

Feeling overwhelmed with everything and feel like you want to run to a remote island? Turn on the quiet Mode and hide all your tasks so you can better focus on the present.

Sub Tasks

Break your bigger tasks into tiny chunks. Sub-tasks help you focus on the little things rather than worrying about the big thing.

A Cute Cat

A cute cat companion that is there with you every step of your journey. Feed it, love it and look after it. Become a proud cat owner!

Answers to
common questions

I've installed the extension, where is it?

This extention lives in your browsers New Tab. You'll see it when you open a new tab.

I already have another extention that uses the new tab, can I still use this?

At the moment, no. But in future updates I'll add a popup where you can use see your tasks and look after the cat.

Does this work on Firefox?

No, it only works on chromium browsers for now. You can use this extension on Brave or similar browsers built on top of Chrommium.

How often will the cat die?

The cat's health goes to zero every 12 hours, so if you don't feed it by then it'll die.

Who can see my Data?

Catadoo is private. Period. Nothing goes out or comes in, all your data is stored in the browsers local storage. You don't have to worry about someone snooping at your data.

Can I request new features?

Yes, you can request new features. Slide into my DMs on twitter(@iamnottheway) or email me at